Step 1: Consultation

The first stage of our service is a thorough consultation to establish what is required so that all your needs are met. This includes our own pre-site research.


Step 2: Survey

The second stage is a thorough site survey to ensure that all safety and legal requirements are completely met prior to any photography or videography being carried out. We obtain approvals from the appropriate authorities and land owners where necessary.


Step 3: Safety

The third stage is to conduct a complete site safety assessment to ensure complete regulatory and safety compliance.


Step 4: Flight

At this stage we conduct all our photography and/or videography. Our highly trained pilots will carry out the entire process with our specialist drones.


Step 5: Post Production

The fifth stage is to produce the best possible results for you. We do this using the latest editing software to finish and retouch the photos and video required. 


Step 6: Presentation

The final stage is the presentation of the finished article. We will give you time to check the work to make sure you are entirely happy with it before concluding our service.